Finesse Proficiency Questionnaire

The Finesse Proficiency Questionnaire (FPQ) is the foremost behavioral assessment of finesse because of its comprehensiveness. The FPQ measures finesse described by Dr. Ryan Lahti in The Finesse Factor.

Key features of the FPQ:

  • Incorporates rigor, depth and breadth
    • Developed based on 10 years of business research
    • Measures behaviors that determine the seven essentials of finesse
    • Gathers feedback from multiple sources including self, manager, peers, direct reports, and clients/customers
  • Allows raters to complete it at their convenience to ensure privacy
    • Hosted on a secure, confidential website so that responses and identities are protected
    • Available 24 hours a day/seven days a week
    • Accessible via the internet using a computer, smartphone, or tablet*
  • Provides a comprehensive report for building an action plan
    • Identifies how well each finesse behavior is demonstrated
    • Clarifies finesse strengths and development opportunities
    • Shows the extent finesse is demonstrated with different groups of people


*Note: A computer, smartphone, or tablet is not included with the FPQ.

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