About OrgLeader

OrgLeader is a California-based, professional services firm that optimizes the performance of STEM organizations and the leaders who run them. OrgLeader accomplishes this by focusing on leadership assessment/development, executive coaching, talent management and organizational effectiveness.

At their core, STEM organizations are more data-driven and technical in what they do compared to other organizations. They exist at the enterprise level across the following industries:

  • Science: Healthcare, medical diagnostics, medical devices and biotech
  • Technology: Software, semiconductors, information security, consumer electronics and wireless technologies
  • Engineering: Automotive, aerospace, engineering/construction and automation/control
  • Finance: Banking, credit and insurance

While STEM organizations exist at the enterprise level, they also exist at the functional level. Departments such as research and development (R&D), information technology (IT) and finance are STEM organizations.

What we believe

  • Sustained results represent the ultimate form of value.
  • Leadership effectiveness and organizational effectiveness go hand in hand.
  • An understanding of impact as well as intent is crucial for success.
    • Intent is what you aim to do but impact is what people experience.
  • Building a strong executive team involves more than assembling a collection of smart leaders.
  • Finesse is a “what” and a “how.”
    • Finesse is what exceptional leaders possess and how exceptional leaders accomplish objectives.

What we pledge to you:

  • We focus on results instead of activities
  • We are your thought partners to help you make decisions and take action
  • We are just a phone call away

Founder and Managing Principal

Dr. Ryan Lahti is the founder and managing principal of OrgLeader. Ryan combines business experience in 20+ industries with a background in leadership assessment/development, executive coaching, talent management and organizational effectiveness.

Ryan specializes in optimizing STEM organizations and leaders who run them. For two and a half decades, he has enhanced business performance by designing and implementing leadership, team and organizational solutions. Because exceptional leadership is integral to optimizing STEM organizations, he partners with leaders to help them develop key capabilities including the seven essentials of finesse.

Prior to founding OrgLeader, Ryan worked for global consulting firms including Ernst & Young and Hay Group. He also held corporate positions with Gap Inc., Westin Hotels and Resorts and Invitrogen Corporation where he oversaw leadership and organizational development.

Ryan authored The Finesse Factor: How to Build Exceptional Leaders in STEM Organizations. He is a contributor to Forbes as well as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. He is a certified executive coach who is affiliated with the International Coach Federation, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services.

Ryan holds a B.A. in Psychology/Business Administration from UCLA, an M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from California State University Long Beach and a Ph.D. in Psychology/Organizational Science from the University of North Texas.

“Finesse is not just a matter of knowledge. It is a matter of proficiency.”  

Ryan Lahti, Managing Principal