Develop Resilient Leaders

You encounter different forms of uncertainty and risk on a daily basis. Excelling in the face of this uncertainty and risk requires resilient leadership. Thriving in such adversity is not just about being nimble or agile. It is resilience driven by finesse and authenticity. This combination enables you to address whatever comes your way in a steadfast manner.

Whether coaching an executive or enhancing leadership team performance, OrgLeader’s KEPAT framework and the Finesse Proficiency Questionnaire (FPQ) are integral elements to effectively build the essentials of finesse. The FPQ is the only tool that measures the seven essentials which help you handle uncertainty and risk.

Client Examples:

  • A senior executive took over as CEO of a company in growth mode. Since he had never served as chief executive, he needed to learn how to be successful in this role. OrgLeader used an accelerator approach to enhance his chief executive capabilities while helping him rebuild his leadership team and board of directors.
  • A collection of achievement-oriented leaders was failing to operate as an executive team due to distrust, a silo mentality and lack of mutual accountability. OrgLeader used a series of team working sessions to enable these leaders to have constructive disagreements, willingly depend on each other for outcomes and collaborate as one unit.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ryan while serving in various positions over the past decade. Ryan has been instrumental in my professional development that equipped me with strategies to handle high stress situations and tools to effectively lead management teams. Added benefits of his guidance are better personal as well as professional relationships.”

Michael St. Clair, President