Finesse Programs and Workshops

When you want detailed feedback and guidance to help you succeed when facing uncertainty and risk, OrgLeader offers a range of finesse programs and workshops as options. Programs and workshops are led by Dr. Ryan Lahti, author of The Finesse Factor and creator of the Finesse Proficiency Questionnaire (FPQ).

These offerings focus on the seven essentials of finesse using the KEPAT framework as the foundation for building proficiency. You can participate anywhere your computer, tablet or smartphone connects to the internet, so no travel or event planning is necessary. Here are examples of key offerings.

VIP Accelerator

This offering raises the bar regarding executive impact. Personal coaching is laser focused on helping leaders succeed using finesse as a cornerstone. Success includes how leaders accomplish their objectives in a positive manner while creating an environment that inspires others to succeed.

This one-on-one coaching especially expedites abilities needed to deal with tricky situations that involve uncertainty and risk.

Leadership Catalyst

Leaders most often struggle to reach their objectives for two reasons. First, leaders frequently don’t know what they don’t know. In other words, these individuals lack a sound understanding of their strengths and their limitations. Consequently, the leaders fail to realize when these strengths and limitations are really hurting them.

Second, leaders often don’t have a solid base for comparison. So, they are unable to effectively gauge their progress and make needed refinements.

This offering provides a data-driven baseline regarding finesse capabilities so leaders can build the right action plan to get where they want to go.

Leadership Finesse Accelerator

Leaders encounter uncertainty and risk every day in the form of tricky situations. As a result, they face the challenge of dealing with how the situations impact their work, those around them and the overall environment in which employees operate.

In a matter of weeks, this group offering helps leaders build the foundation for effectively handling tricky situations no matter what they look like. As leaders do so, they establish a support network of colleagues that can serve as an ongoing resource.