Create Positive Impact

Profit and positive impact are not mutually exclusive when it comes to thriving in uncertainty and the risk. In fact, creating positive impact catalyzes success in such tricky situations. This produces beneficial outcomes for those inside and outside company walls who have a personal stake whether they are employees, customers, shareholders, community members or parties anywhere along your supply chain. Long-term value, including shareholder returns, is the result.

OrgLeader’s SSP Framework

Creating positive impact encompasses developing resilient leaders and inspiring team engagement. Ultimately, it is sustained by strategy, structure and process represented by OrgLeader’s SSP framework.

Client Examples:

  • A growing organization lacked the infrastructure to perpetuate its work environment, growth and commitment to external stakeholders over time. Therefore, OrgLeader partnered with the company to build a succession management process that cultivated ongoing leadership talent to do so.
  • An executive team realized its discussions were primarily internally focused and short term in nature. Consequently, OrgLeader designed and facilitated executive off-sites to determine strategic objectives related to all stakeholders.

“I have hired Ryan for multiple organizational development engagements at two different organizations…Ryan is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise. I value Ryan’s fresh perspective, thought leadership, and process orientation. I will use Ryan again and I would recommend Ryan to others.” 

Andy Ortiz, Chief Human Resources Officer

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