Speaking Events for Business

When you attend a leadership workshop or live event, you want value for your time. You want content applicable to work situations presented in a
straight-forward manner that challenges your thinking as it engages you. An OrgLeader workshop or speaking event provides the solution.

OrgLeader speaking events are perfect for senior leadership or middle management who are committed to building successful organizations and savvy workforces. All speaking events are conducted by OrgLeader’s founder and managing principal, Dr. Ryan Lahti.

Ryan understands your time is a limited resource. Therefore, he draws on his decades of experience across 20 industries to blend practicality and insightfulness with a unique sense of humor. Topics for his speaking events include:

  • Thrive in Uncertainty and Risk
  • Build STEM Work Environments Where People Want to Be and Stay
  • Navigate Organizational Politics and Landmines

“Ryan conducts well-defined and well-prepared sessions. I learned a great deal. Principles from his sessions are what I apply in my company today.”

Michael Alexander, President