OrgLeader’s Coaching Process

Partner for Insight
Rapport BuildingAssessment

Commit to Action
Focus AreasPlanning

Build Proficiency

Reinforce through Accountability
OwnershipNext Steps

Based on the KEPAT framework, OrgLeader’s coaching process accelerates building proficiency in essentials that help executives thrive in uncertainty and better manage risk. This ensures they have the right leadership impact. The coaching begins with the coach and executive collaborating to get to know each other, clarifying the need for coaching and obtaining feedback and relevant information regarding the executive. With this as a foundation, then the critical areas to work on, the desired outcomes and the action plan to produce the outcomes are established.

At this point, the coaching sessions center on the executive trying different strategies in low-risk situations and gauging progress to enhance capabilities. Over time, these new capabilities are utilized in higher-risk situations on the job to further refine and instill them. The last part of the coaching process focuses on the executive taking responsibility to ensure the new capabilities are sustained over time by clarifying ways to continue to work on them so that they become second nature.

“Unlike other programs I have participated in, Ryan focuses his coaching on a few key topics at a time instead of trying to address several issues at once. Due to his approach, the results obtained are measurable and far more lasting than any other program I have tried.”

Dan Navarrete, VP Marketing & Communications