Delegate Instead of Doing It

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“If I take the time to explain what I need, they still won’t do it the way that I do. It’s just easier to do it myself.” How often have you or a colleague made such a statement? While you may believe that taking the time to explain is inefficient, take a moment to consider what [...]

The Eyebrow-Raising State of Business Trust

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Has trust in our dynamic, global marketplace reached a crisis level over the last year? According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, the answer is “yes.” This annual, global survey finds the number of countries falling into the “distruster” category increased to two-thirds from one-half in 2016. For countries in this category, trust in business, [...]

Critical Obstacles to Leadership Candor

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“If there is one place many of our company’s leaders could improve, it is having candid discussions with people about how they are doing, especially if these people are failing to deliver on expectations.” Do you know any organizations like this? Since I regularly hear statements of this type in my line of work, I [...]

Solving the Employee Performance Puzzle

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“What am I missing?” Janet, a concerned division leader, posed this question to me after reading a post I wrote about what leaders can do to get their employees to be accountable. She continued, “It makes sense for me to check situational constraints, ensure capability fit and assess the willingness of my direct reports. Could [...]

What Is Your 2017 M&A Readiness?

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It’s the beginning of a new year which brings interest in what the market will look like for the next 12 months, especially from a merger and acquisition (M&A) standpoint. What do you anticipate? How ready is your organization if an M&A is on the horizon? When key market stakeholders were recently asked, most expected [...]

Manage Leadership Team Disruptive Exchanges

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How does your leadership team handle meetings that involve a topic where there are vastly opposing viewpoints accompanied by strong emotions? Hopefully, team members are able to keep the intensity in the optimal range of productivity. What happens when they don’t? For those who have had the “opportunity” to experience when the team fails to [...]

Lead Through Uncertainty

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You have a new boss. The company culture is changing as the strategic plan is implemented. The market shifts in an unexpected direction. The country elects a new president. What do these things have in common? They all are accompanied by uncertainty which you are faced with managing as a leader in your organization. Ignoring [...]

What I’m Not Going to Do

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“My tasks and responsibilities have grown so much that I can’t get ahead of them. It seems like I’m barely treading water.” If you have found yourself thinking this or saying this to a trusted confidante, you are not the only one. This is a comment I frequently hear from executives, especially those in aggressive-growth [...]

Be Your Own Work Catalyst

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What do you do if you notice your enthusiasm and energy waning regarding work that you have historically enjoyed and found challenging? This is not unusual. Whether you are an executive taking an organization in a new strategic direction or an emerging leader focusing on your daily responsibilities, it can happen. In fact, over 50 [...]