Defining Leadership

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https://vimeo.com/565823240 Click on the image to launch the video. Dr. Ryan Lahti is a strategic advisor to STEM organizations, the founder and managing principal of OrgLeader as well as author of The Finesse Factor.

Three Costly Mistakes Leaders Make in Stakeholder Relations

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Mishandling circumstances with board members or bosses can have career-limiting consequences. Misunderstandings with clients and customers can result in lost revenue. Failing to decipher political dynamics occurring among peers can create silos. Regardless of who the stakeholders are, some relational miscues are costly. How well do you recognize stakeholder perspectives while communicating your own? As [...]

Don’t Shy Away From Political Behavior

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When you hear the term "political behavior," what happens? Maybe you cringe as you think of the antics of candidates during an election campaign. Perhaps you get a bad taste in your mouth as you recall questionable actions of corporate colleagues. Most of us have witnessed one form of political behavior that leaves a negative [...]

Two Critical Takeaways for Organizational Effectiveness

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How effective is your company, division or department? I’m not merely referring to the efficient use of resources such as money, technology and materials. Organizational effectiveness is broader than that. It involves setting and accomplishing the right objectives with the right resources in the right way. Since organizational effectiveness has more than one determinant, I want [...]

The Progression of the Chief Data Officer

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If your company doesn’t already have a chief data officer (CDO), there is a good chance it could be a topic of discussion. Why? According to Gartner, the office of the CDO will be a crucial function similar to IT, finance, HR and business operations in 75% of large companies by 2021. Although the CDO [...]

Is It Really Executive Presence?

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You have probably heard colleagues make comments about the executive presence of certain leaders. If so, take a minute to think about whether your colleagues are truly on target. The term executive presence is tossed around quite a bit regarding someone’s positive impact in meetings and other business situations. It is misleading. Why? From my [...]

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