If you are a CIO or CISO looking to enhance your knowledge and continue to build your business network, there are two opportunities coming up in the next month.

1) I will be speaking at the Minneapolis CIO Executive Summit on June 3, 2015. The title of this session is Enhancing Leadership Finesse in IT Organizations. Here is an overview:

What helps CIOs and IT executives obtain optimal results for their organizations? What is the foundation for building impactful relationships with board members and other key stakeholders? Working with leaders of fact-based organizations — such as IT — often shows that the means used to get results and build relationships affects the quality of the outcomes and the relationships. This session will enable CIOs and their colleagues to more effectively recognize and implement leadership finesse, appreciate its value in the workplace, and utilize an essential approach for enhancing and applying it with real-life examples and understandings.

2) I will be speaking at the Southern California CISO Executive Summit in Los Angeles on June 23, 2015. The title of this session is CISO Drive and Hijacking Management. Here is an overview:

While CISOs and information security leaders get things done, the question is: How do they get these things done? This is where emotional/social intelligence — E/SI — comes into play, including its relationship with the drive and potential “hijacks” of executives. Because E/SI has a sizeable impact on executive performance as well as the teams and organizations executives manage, this session focuses on enabling CISOs and information security leaders to better recognize E/SI (or the lack of it), determine its value, measure its components and learn ways to enhance it.

Both of these conferences are great opportunities for CIOs and CISOs to interact in a peer-to-peer setting. If you attend one of them, please stop by and say “hello.”

For more information, here are some helpful links:

Minneapolis CIO Executive Summit

Southern California CISO Executive Summit


Ryan Lahti is the founder and managing principal of OrgLeader, LLC. Stay up to date on Ryan’s STEM-based organization tweets here: @ryanlahti