As if Boeing has not received enough attention for manufacturing issues with its 787 Dreamliner in the past, it now has another opportunity to address potential concerns regarding this airplane. The Wall Street Journal reported that aerospace giant publicly confirmed that its wing supplier, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, discovered that its re-designed manufacturing processes may have caused small cracks in the frame of the Boeing 787 wings. With Boeing’s increased production of 787s to 10 airplanes per month, how is this likely to impact the delivery of the Dreamliners?

Both Boeing and Mitsubishi are optimistic. Mitsubishi believes that it will cause some delays but not significantly affect overall delivery goals. Boeing added that it might affect 40 planes that are still being produced, but it feels confident that the crack does not exist in any of the Dreamliners already in the air. Boeing further added that the areas on the affected planes are small in size, and it should only take one or two weeks per plane to fix them.

To see the source article, click here: The Wall Street Journal


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