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7 Finesse Essentials of Exceptional Leaders

When dealing with office politics and interpersonal conflict, how do you “show up”? If you are facing tricky situations, how well do you use tact, emotional intelligence, and forethought regarding impact to handle them?

For exceptional leaders, finesse is the key. It is what they possess and how they accomplish objectives. Finesse enables them to influence, motivate and hold people accountable as they create work environments where employees thrive.

In The Finesse Factor, Dr. Ryan Lahti shows you the essentials of finesse for exceptional leaders. Based on Ryan’s multiple decades of practical experience, tested approaches in over twenty industries, and analyses of ten years of leadership assessment work, this book–

  • Explains the seven essentials of finesse in STEM organizations via real-life war stories
  • Lays out a proven method with user-friendly frameworks to help you build proficiency in the finesse essentials
  • Details specific actions that will help you succeed in each essential

If you are a business leader or business professional, especially one who runs an organization driven by science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), this book is a prime resource to have handy. Leaders in the following industries will definitely benefit from the essentials discussed:

  • Science: Healthcare, medical diagnostics, medical devices and biotech
  • Technology: Software, semiconductors, information security, consumer electronics and wireless technologies
  • Engineering: Automotive, aerospace, engineering/construction and automation/control
  • Finance: Banking, credit and insurance

Leaders who oversee STEM organizations such as research and development (R&D), information technology (IT) and finance departments will also find increasing finesse invaluable to their ongoing success. This includes CIOs, CFOs and heads of R&D along with their team members.

Finesse is not just a matter of knowledge. It is a matter of proficiency. The Finesse Factor is the first book that focuses on this fact and enables you to do something about it, because it is oriented toward action.

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Consistently apply what you read on the pages in a mindful way then use the Finesse Proficiency Questionnaire (FPQ) or your own self-assessment to gauge the increase in your finesse.

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“Finesse is a ‘what’ and a ‘how.’”  

Ryan Lahti, Author

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