Finesse Programs and Workshops

When you want detailed feedback and guidance to increase your finesse, OrgLeader offers a range of finesse leadership programs and workshops as options. Programs and workshops are led by Dr. Ryan Lahti, author of The Finesse Factor and creator of the Finesse Proficiency Questionnaire (FPQ).

These offerings focus on the seven essentials of finesse using the KEPAT framework as the foundation for building proficiency. You can participate anywhere your computer, tablet or smartphone connects to the internet, so no travel or event planning is necessary.

Multiple-Participant Offerings

 Leading with Finesse – Cornerstone

This immersion in finesse enables a select group of leaders to build their proficiency via FPQ feedback along with weekly learning and insight sessions delivered in a support network format. Finesse concepts, discussions and application actions provide practical techniques to incorporate into their daily responsibilities.

Leadership Team Finesse Working Sessions

Intact leadership teams use this offering to build finesse in team members and the group as a unit. Based on team- and individual-level finesse feedback, multiple working sessions are conducted over an extended period to apply finesse insights. Action planning and metrics are used to measure team progress over time.

Finesse Feedback and Action Planning Workshop

When a variety of individuals want help understanding finesse feedback and figuring out next steps, this workshop explains each section of the FPQ feedback report and recommends ways to interpret the results. This offering also covers how to create an effective action plan.

Single-Participant Offerings

Executive Coaching to Enhance Finesse

For leaders and executives who prefer one-on-one interaction, personalized coaching is provided to increase the use of finesse in their work. Feedback via the FPQ and customized action planning serve as the basis for the coaching.

Individual Finesse Feedback Review Session

For people who like to review their FPQ reports on a one-on-one basis, this offering covers how to interpret the feedback. In addition to discussing ways to reality test the results, it provides a method for building a tailored action plan.

Additional Information

On-site options are also available. For details about the programs and workshops, please contact us.

The Finesse Factor by Ryan Lahti