Establishing an Environment of Accountability

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Perhaps you have heard some of these responses from employees at your organization: “I didn’t get it done, because I was buried.” “I didn’t know that’s what you wanted.” “They didn’t follow the process which made us miss the deadline.” Placing the blame on others, producing the wrong deliverable, missing a due date and not [...]

Is It Leadership Arrogance or Confidence?

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Is it confidence or arrogance that you are seeing in your leaders? An actual example from leadership benchmarking work I did with international executives may help to answer this question. As I exited the elevator at a Fortune 500 company where I was scheduled to interview a leader I had not met, I heard someone [...]

Are You Assessing or Guessing with Your Leaders?

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If the cost of hiring the wrong executive is up to 27 times the executive’s annual salary (according to Brad Smart) and the average contribution for someone who is a high fit for an organization is 144 percent greater than an individual who is a low fit (according to CPP), shouldn’t a company ensure that it [...]

Is Conflict Good or Bad?

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According to the National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution, up to 30% of a typical leader's time is spent dealing with conflict. Further research found that over 65% of work performance problems are due to strained relationships between employees as opposed to deficiencies in employee skill or motivation, and CEOs and senior vice presidents reported [...]

Conduct a Leadership Self-Audit

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If you are like most leaders, you will continue to look for ways to become more effective in your work and career. These ways could include a variety of methods such as getting exposure to role models of desired performance or experts in particular fields, taking on stretch assignments to obtain experience in areas where [...]

Leading vs. Managing Through Adversity

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Whether it is due to poor economic conditions, aggressive competition or a product failure, companies will periodically face adversity which will test the executives who run these organizations. The key consideration is how these individuals should handle such realities. For example, how big of a factor should cutting costs be for organizations that are trying [...]